Ethernet over Copper (Eoc) is the freshest kind of information bundle transmission engineering accessible. Accepted copper wires, reputed to be Plain Customary Phone Administration (POTS) lines, are utilized to transmit information from the client’s area to the ISP. Metro Ethernet over Copper fills the hole between customary telecom circuits (T1/ Ds3) and filament based items.

In spite of the fact that EOC utilizes the same copper lines as DSL, EOC and DSL they are NOT the same. EOC is dependably symmetrical, importance your business gets the same transfer and download speeds, inasmuch as most DSL (and Link) is unbalanced, with more download than transfer speeds.

EOC is given through on location Client Premise Gear (CPE) that is utilized to bond 4 to 8 sets of POTS lines to supply a quick Ethernet association with your office. The conveyance of different circles offers a dissimilar level of excess, permitting coherence of administrations in the occasion any line disappointments happen.

EoC Benefits

EOC is as of now a standout amongst the most useful choices accessible to interface organizations to a quick, solid system.

Our Ethernet over Copper (EOC) item is intended to convey a premium result, leveraging high velocity connectivity along our cutting edge spine. Our offering is moderate, keeps up a high caliber of administration, and is conveyed in 4 weeks or less. No development or reengineering is required.

Velocities begin at 3mbps, and after that head off to 5mbps, 10mbps, 15mbps, 20mbps, 30mbps and 45mbps. The measure of transfer speed accessible is dependent upon separation; however the greater part of the NYC metro zone is prone to be overhauled. Our circle capability framework permits us to exhort the most extreme transfer speed to be conveyed ahead of time. Eoc furnishes an Ethernet handoff specifically into your Firewall or system Wan/lan switch or switch.

We use Telepacific to furnish EOC Nearby Circles to our clients. Despite the fact that Telepacific is the Neighborhood Circles supplier, We are your ISP, which implies that you don’t need to stress over charging or other backing from a computerized reaction framework. We proactively screen all circuits, and give live backing each day of the year.